My Wife’s Video (2017) tells the story of a lonely housewife. She had long since ceased to feel the love of her husband.The reason, the husband is a successful businessman.
Her husband was having an affair with his flirty secretary and s3ksi.
Her husband continues to hide the affair from his wife. But all the akhrirnya uncovered thanks to the role of former secretary.
She get informed that her husband’s infidelity from her ex-husband’s secretary. The secretary felt dumped and replaced with a new secretary.
Hearing the news made her frustrated. She even tried to commit suicide. But all of them canceled him after meeting with a man who gave attention.
The woman ended up having an affair with the man. They also made the romance video. All that he did to avenge her husband.
Directed by Lee Soong-hwan
Stars: Park Joo Bin, Lisa, Jeon E-nok, Kang Han-na-I
Genre: Drama, Romance , Erotic