Statut : Ended
Acteurs : Jan Harzan, John Ventre, Jeremy Ray, Jason McClellan
Genre : Documentary
Durée : 60
Année de commencement : 2014-02-28
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Il existe un lieu où la réalité concernant les OVNIs existe, une vaste archive de plus de 70 000 fichiers récoltés durant plus d'un demi siècle. Ce lieu s'appelle Hangar 1. Désormais, ses portes sont enfin ouvertes pour investigation. le MUFON, la plus grande et respectée des organisations privées dédiée à l'investigation sur les OVNIs, a travaillé de façon diligente afin de compiler, rechercher et stocker tous ces fichiers. La nouvelle série de la chaîne H2, Hangar 1 va plonger au plus profond de ces archives afin de chercher des connexions, indices et preuves, car seule l'investigation des fichiers de Hangar 1 pourra donner toute la vérité sur les OVNIs.

Épisode 1 : Les OVNI en temps de guerre

In every instance of wars throughout history, one thing is constant…the sighting of multiple UFOs over battlefields. Is the purpose of these visits to harm us…or to warn us of our own potential destruction?

Épisode 2 : OVNI sous-marins

Could there be just as many UFOs traveling beneath our oceans and lakes as those reported in our skies? MUFON investigations uncover an extensive history of submersible UFOs--and the possible underwater bases that conceal them.

Épisode 3 : Les hommes en noir

There are countless reports of UFO witnesses being intimidated into silence by mysterious Men in Black. Who are these ominous visitors, and what is their real agenda? Are they deadly enforcers for a secret shadow government? Or could the Men in Black have an altogether unearthly origin?

Épisode 4 : La face cachée de la lune

Hangar 1 files reveal top-secret evidence that indicates the government has been operating bases on the Moon and Mars. Some of this evidence dates back to the 1950's and suggests that NASA may be behind a long existing, secret mission to establish off-planet outposts. If these bases do exist, what is their purpose and why are they being kept a secret?

Épisode 5 : Le peuple des étoiles

Hangar 1's files are full of stories involving Native Americans and their familiarity with alien beings they refer to as "Star People." Is it the sacred tribal lands that attract interstellar visitors...or is it the people themselves?

Épisode 6 : Traqués par des OVNI

Hangar 1 contains hundreds of MUFON case files from people who have been pursued and hunted by UFOs, some even multiple times. What are these UFOs after, and could you be their next target?

Épisode 7 : Des OVNI au Texas

Texas has been a hotbed for extraordinary UFO activity for decades. As Hangar 1 digs into some of the Lone Star State's most unusual and best-known cases, patterns point to Texas's unique role in a larger government conspiracy.

Épisode 8 : SOM 1-01

Hangar 1 investigates the discovery of SOM1-01, a top-secret Special Operations Manual detailing government protocols for recovering extraterrestrial UFOs that have crashed on Earth. Is this the smoking gun we've been looking for, proving the government's knowledge and interaction with UFOs and extraterrestrial life?

Épisode 9 : Policiers et OVNI

Hangar 1 is full of case files where local and military police officers have encountered incredible events and provided detailed witness accounts of UFOs. Unfortunately, the government and military often ridiculed these officers and threatened their careers. Now police reports are filed directly with MUFON, who value these credible witnesses and fully investigate their reports.

Épisode 10 : Captures d'extraterrestres

Hangar 1 uncovers shocking evidence that the government has been recovering not only advanced technology from crashed UFOs but alien bodies as well. What has the government learned from these bodies both living and dead? And where is the top-secret facility that hides these secrets from the world?

Épisode 11 : Rencontres extrêmement rapprochées

Deep within MUFON, files are thousands of extraordinary, unknown UFO cases that fall into the category of "high strangeness," the closest type of encounters on record, involving UFO sightings within a few hundred feet as wells as the occasional presence of extraterrestrial entities. These thoroughly investigated MUFON cases prove just as astonishing as some of the better-known stories that have become front-page news.

Épisode 12 : Des OVNI aux super-pouvoirs

MUFON investigations within Hangar 1 have turned up evidence of amazing otherworldly technological powers, like tractor beams, teleportation, and invisibility. Witnesses who have encountered UFOs have also experienced physiological aftereffects, including x-ray vision and telepathy. What is the connection behind these seemingly supernatural displays of power?

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